• Hormone Balancing
    Dr. Miriam Torres, Functional Medicine and Gynecology: Is here to help you obtain the better version of you! Have you ever wondered why you get sugar cravings before your period Read more
  • Reduce Fatigue by Addressing Mitochondrial Dysfunction
    Have you lost the pep in your step? Not feeling like your old self? Come and see how we can help!! www.serenitygyn.com Since one-fifth of primary care visits involve fatigue as Read more
  • Hot Flashes
    Dr Miriam Torres is certified in Functional Medicine and is board-certified Gynecology. She provides care at Serenity Gyn & Wellness Center in Hurst, Texas. Here she provides the most advance Read more
  • Who Should See Us?
    Those Who Need Their Health To Fulfill The Life They Want. Many of our patients come to us with a chronic health problem that hasn't improved from traditional treatment, doctors and Read more
  • Genetics and Functional Medicine
    No two people have the same genetic makeup, history or life experiences. We are unique and different. And as a result, we need a health plan that addresses these differences. Read more
  • Functional Medicine Model
    The Functional Medicine Model Is An Individualized, Patient-Centered, Science-Based Approach That Empowers Patients And Practitioners To Work Together To Address The Underlying Causes Of Disease And Promote Optimal Wellness Dr Miriam Read more
  • Functional Medicine is Different.
    Your organs interact with all the others. Conventional medicine too often treats the body as though each part works alone. Functional medicine is different. A problem in one organ may Read more
  • Hormone Imbalance
    Did you know that hormones can start to change after the age of 35 and sometimes earlier?? This can result in menstrual changes, fatigue, mood changes and weight gain!! Come Read more